Best Time-Management Apps for Students

Time-management is crucial for every student, and, needless to say, technology is playing a huge part in making the learning experience easier and more enjoyable. Sometimes, it feels like a day has inadequate hours to complete your assignments. Many students can relate to this, especially when studying for exams. Fortunately, technological advancements help to ease this dilemma.

They can play a big part when it comes to making you better organized, time efficient, and more productive. Accessing valuable information on this topic from sites like is just a click away.


This is a popular app that can help improve student productivity. Its uses include scheduling events, keeping notes, and collecting media. In addition to creating multimedia presentations, you can also use it to store and locate work plans and assignments. This is especially helpful to students who study and work, or go to different learning institutions. If you usually have ideas and inspirations on-the-go, Evernote will help you record your thoughts instantly, accurately, and helpfully.


Although relatively new, Trello allows students to create boards that help in organizing different projects on their current list. The app has an option to place them in cooperation with other students or customize them independently. Also, using the time management tool, you can, create, separate, and track the progress of your tasks. You can also delegate some of your tasks or seek help from fellow students. The app is free on your Smartphone or Apple Watch.

Google Keep

Since keeping track of everyday student life is hard, Google created this app containing helpful organizational, analytical, and time-management tools. It has a pin board format that allows students to add photos and make notes. If you are a Google user, adding this app will increase your productivity, since it will let you pin your memos, photos, tasks, lists, projects, and notes. Additionally, if you have an active social life, its homework and event planner will ensure you do not forget anything.


Finish is a to-do list app. This means that it is a time-management tool that assists in fighting procrastination. This is a problem that many students encounter, often leading to last-minute rushes to finish projects. Using proper schedules that you created in the app, you will be able to finish your tasks on time. Furthermore, you can keep track of your daily productivity and checkmark completed tasks. The app also archives old tasks and projects to simplify your research.

Remember the Milk

When dealing with many tasks and using multiple devices, this app will help you keep everything in sync. This virtual assistant lets you add tasks and define their due dates, in addition to helping you add sub-tasks as well. You can separate personal and educational tasks and add smart lists created through previously defined criteria.


Forest is a focus app, which means that it helps in saving time by encouraging students to complete their assignments by shunning or procrastinating. Some of its features allow students to blacklist distracting websites and apps on your phone. It also has a reward system for successfully completed tasks. You plant a virtual seed and, as you complete your tasks, the seed becomes a tree. More completed tasks create a virtual forest.


If you are in the habit of over-sleeping, Kiwake is a smart app that gives a twist to the traditional alarm clock. There is no snoozing and you have to physically prove that you are awake. To achieve this, the only way for the alarm to switch off is by waking up and taking a picture of an object located away from your bed. In addition, the app prompts you to play a mini game and go over your schedule to ensure you are fully awake.

There are numerous apps in the market that help alleviate the demanding life of a student. If you are not making use of them, not only are you missing out on the benefits they provide, but also on the amount of free time you c

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