Why it is Easier to Assess the School System with School Software?

In today’s world, education sector is experiencing a technical evolution which is improving the level of education in schools, colleges, universities and other such institutes. After embedding reliable School Software, the process of learning and studying in a classroom has become more interactive and interesting.

Such software is a set various tools that allows for the smooth running of the institute. It has a web based deployment that connects teachers, parents, students and other related stakeholders. The software comes armed with various useful features such as maintaining attendance, submission of assignments, sending reports to the parents and many more. The software lets the organization quickly and efficiently complete various time-consuming tasks.

Already, such software is allowing schools to perform complex tasks easily and seamlessly. Today, it is not possible to achieve growth of your educational institute without investing in technology. You have to be clear in your approach and strategies as it is not only about your business but also about the future of students.

In the last decade, technology in the form of such software has been appreciated and embraced by educational institutes of various types and at multiple levels. It has successfully left the conservatives behind. There are many schools, colleges or other educational institutes that are earning profit from utilizing such software.

The software has successfully created a clean and seamless communication channel between parents and teachers. Teachers can remain connected to the parents to share the performance schedule. Now, schools don’t need to maintain the attendance registers. They can easily record the attendance in the software. Teachers can also send notifications to parents if the attendance of the student is low.

School Software: Features and Merits

Let us take a look at the basic features which every such software should provide because not all of them are the same. Here is the list of the most important:

  1. Cloud enabled
  2. Profile management
  3. Recruitment management
  4. Student behaviour and tracking
  5. Campus management
  6. Communication and social features
  7. Admission management
  8. Account management
  9. Laboratory management
  10. Profile management
  11. Transport management
  12. Attendance management
  13. Examination management
  14. Hostel management
  15. Library management
  16. Staff management
  17. Management reports
  18. Alumni management and many more

Following are some of the top benefits of utilizing such a software:

  • Real time teaching and learning experience
  • Provides real time learning and teaching experience
  • Improves communication between teachers, parents and students.
  • Provides better understanding concepts.
  • Provides students a better in-class learning experience
  • Encourages virtual classrooms and e-learning
  • Introduces the students and teaching staff to education technology
  • Enhances creativity and visualization
  • Improves academic performance
  • Enhances mental development

Schools should install this software for better interaction between students and teachers. Today, education sector is moving towards such technology based classrooms. Government agencies and other educational institutes are also actively taking part in the digitalisation of the learning environment.

Why is it Easier to Asses School System with School Software?

Following reasons tells us why it is easier to assess school with this software:

  • The software enables the school to conduct online tests and examination that can play a key role in upgrading the examination system. Online examination is a better option to asses student’s performance. It will save the time of teachers. Plus, there is hardly any chance of cheating in the examination hall because the online question paper will have shuffled questions.

Many competitive exams are also adopting online examinations. Therefore, Conducting online examination at the school level will acclimatise students to the environment of competitive examinations for which they may appear in the future. And if they do, the familiarity will be great assistance. Again, online examinations require no paper work and, hence, are eco friendly.

With the software, results of online examination can be declared much quickly than is the case with exams conducted conventionally on paper. Calculation of marks will be error free and hence the student will get grades / marks that are commensurate with the level of his / her performance and efforts.


  • Attendance management of students was never easy till such software was introduced. It provides a paperless and hassle free management system for teachers to manage attendance. This automated software helps save crucial time of the class which the teacher can gainfully for improving the teaching and learning experience. Moreover, with such automated systems, there is hardly any chance of proxy attendance.


  • You might have heard the phrase Books are the best friends of the human being. This phrase is completely true and the library plays an important role in improving the academic performance of the student. With such software, you can create a smart library that can benefit both the staff and the students.


For library staff, a smart library can help maintain the record of each and every book. No manual efforts are necessary. After the renewal or due date, it will alert the staff and the student. The student will get the alert to return or re issue the book on their respective User ID on the software. Thus, students will return the book on time and can be prevented from getting fined. Moreover, the student will be notified if any book requested by the student is available in the library.


  • Such software helps in organizing various important tasks and manages a variety of aspects that include time table management, staff support, reporting, fees and much more. Administrative staff finds it easy to access, manage and analyze such important data.


  • This software cuts down a whole lot of costs that are otherwise needed for purchasing and maintaining paper copies, hardware, and the like.


  • Such software are web based and mobile friendly. They can centralize the database and make it easier for the authorized personnel to access it from anywhere and at any time. Students, teachers and parents can all make use of this feature.


In case some authorities want to assess the school or educational institute for quality appraisals, the software can help you provide records and statistics with corroborating evidence at the click of a mouse.

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